Contemplations On A Quenacho And Meditation Chants


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  • Meditation Chants - meditation chants with our community, "El Misterio"
  • Contemplations On A Quenacho - classical, contemplative solos on the Quenacho by Vishal Eckhart.

    After reading Hesse’s “Siddhartha” I wondered if one could really “hear” the sacred OM sound like the yogis of olden days. After some experiences when I was 21 year old I began to hear the OM regularly. Actually, it never stopped. It emanates from the center of the brain at the pineal gland. When I began to learn music a few years ago I began to wonder what tone it is in. I came to the conclusion that it is somewhere between C sharp and D. I found the flute and the oboe to be very similar to this sound. However, recently I learned the proper way to play my Quenacho flute and it has an even closer sound to the one I hear within. I had developed my own technique of playing this flute to sound more “wooden.” Now, I am playing it more like an Andean instrument with a little more emphasis on “air” than wood. OM is very soft like that.
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  • "Meditation Chants"
  • "Song of Hope"
  • "Padmasambhava"
  • "Baba Nam Kevalam"
  • "Circles of Light"
  • "Reverie Kiirtan"
  • "Om Ah Hum Vajra Guru"
  • "Los Doraditos"
  • "Tiny Green Island"
  • "Topilejo"
  • "The Desert"
  • "Contemplations On A Quenacho"
  • "Reverie - Debussy"
  • "Dvorak Medley"
  • "Wings Of Song - Mendelssohn"
  • "Song Of India - Rimsky-Korsakoff"
  • "Minuet & Badinerie - J.S. Bach"
  • "Adagio" de Marcello, "Tambourin" de Rameau, "Festival Rondo" de Purcell"
  • "Water Music" - Handel
  • "Pavane" - Faure
  • "Dance Of The Blessed Spirits"
  • Andalouse de Pessard
  • "Amazon Whistle"
  • "Gavotte - J.S. Bach"
  • Meine Seele sei vergnugt
  • The Eternal Home Of The Sapphire - Cantata 198
  • Bach Cantata 209